Having Good Credit Makes Life More Fun.

Having a high credit score can save many thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage, auto loan, or credit card.


Are you looking to get an auto loan or to refinance an existing loan or have you found your dream home but your credit is preventing you from being approved? Maybe you need help building or correcting your business credit to become funding ready? Then let us help you!

How We Work


We will work with you to develop a personalized strategy and dispute inaccurate items with all three credit bureaus. Connect with us today and let us clean up your credit and raise your credit scores.

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About Us

BME Consulting Inc. was founded and created with one goal in mind, educating financial literacy by teaching others how to implement better financial skills in their life to become successful.

We understand that no one’s credit situations or credit goals are the same and therefore the programs we offer are specifically customized to suit your credit and financial needs.

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Our Credit Packages

Our packages are designed specifically for your credit needs.



Late Payments
Error Removals
Medical Bills
Personal info Update
Action Plan
Credit Education




Public Records
Student Loans
Medical Bills
Personal info Update
Action Plan
Credit Education
ChexSystems Removal




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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What can be removed from my credit?  

    Anything that meets the FCRA guidelines can be removed as well as slow/late pay's, collections, repossessions, student loans, judgments, medical, foreclosures, child support and bankruptcy.

  • How long does a credit repair take? 

    The Standard timeline is between 45 Days-2 months, although sometimes it may take a bit longer or even shorter time frame. Currently my clients are seeing results in as little as 11 days.

  • What fees will I pay? 

    During your consultation you will learn the best package for you at that point you will make a payment towards your package that is the only fee's you will pay unless otherwise discussed.

  • What is the process for credit repair ?

    The first process in Credit repair is a consultation, to make sure we are going to have a clear understanding of your credit goals and help us get familiar with your credit by going over your report together we will then put together a customized action plan to make sure you can maintain your credit after credit counseling.
    In this consultation we will analyze your current credit score and any harmful items reflecting on your report process of removing inaccurate, unfounded, out of date, false, and erroneous information from your credit report.

  • Is your server secure with my information? 

    Here at BME consulting inc we take pride in making sure all of our clients have an amazing experience your security is our top priority rest assured all information transmitted on our servers are encrypted & protected your information get backed up regular, to ensure documents are not compromised all paper documents are shredded after saving them to our servers.

  • Refund policy? 

    You have 3 days to ask for a refund from the date your contract is signed. Outside of this no refunds will be issued as you're paying for a service.


Business Credit

Our services provide you with the ability to build out a funding ready credit report at minimum a 80 Paydex score. We will build you a ford tough score so you can better focus on building your company strong so that it can be around for generations.We do our due diligence to ensure your business is funding ready and most importantly credible. This is the time to help you create your legacy! Not only will we help you structure your company precisely, but build your business credit tailored for your business goals. We have built amazing partnerships with Lenders whom we will be able to secure you funding with. We at BME Consulting have all the moving pieces for your funding needs.

Step 1 Make a call

Your initial discovery call will help us get a better idea of where youʼre what exactly you need help with and your business goals and needs. As well as Strategize making your business more lucrative.

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Step 2
Select Your Package

Our business Credit Packages are customized to fit your unique business needs, we will go over the entire business credit process in our discovery call to get your business not only funding ready but moving in a more lucrative manner. Please fill out this form before purchasing your package:

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• Experian & Equifax Reported Business Trades.
• Qualifying for Equipment Lease/Purchase Financing 250k-no limit.
• One-on-One Business Mentoring.
• D&B, Experian and Equifax credit reports.
• 8 Vendor net 30 Business Tradelines.
• 411 Listing Service.
• Local Listing Service.
• Exclusive access to starter vendors.
• Receive a minimum of 5 tradelines within 30 days (supplier trades accordingto business need) 5 minimum trade approvals guaranteed.
• Unsecured Business Loans and Credit Cards.
• Equipment Lease Financing.
• Business Strategy Planning.

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• Experian & Equifax Reported Business Trades.
• Qualifying for Equipment Lease/Purchase Financing 250k-no limit.
• D&B, Experian and Equifax credit reports.
• 8 Vendor net 30 Business Tradelines.
• 411 Listing Service.
• Local Listing Service (Google, Bing, Yahoo, Manta, and More).
• One-on-One Business Mentoring.
• Receive a minimum of 5 tradelines within 30 days (supplier trades according
to business need) 5 minimum trade approvals guaranteed.
• Unsecured Business Loans and Credit Cards (review FICO Enhancement
Exclusive access to starter vendors.
• Business Auto Financing.
• Business Credit Cards.
• Business Audit.
• Software.
• Business Strategy Planning.

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  • If I could add more stars I would.BME has been amazing for me.Natasha and staff really helped me not only with my credit but helping me meet personal goals I had set out to meet.I cant thank her enough I highly recommend BME to all my family & friends
    Roby Sexton
  • I am in awe of the high level of professionalism, knowledge, and care that I received from Natasha at BME as a client!!! I went in thinking it would take a long time to repair my credit but I was wrong. I followed my service plan given to me by Natasha and it changed my life very quickly. She possesses a great wealth of knowledge, experience and skill set that enabled her to do wonders with my credit. My credit score went from high 400 to mid 700 in literally 2 months!!! This opened a world of opportunities for me. I was able to establish the credit that I longed for. The stability of having a strong credit rating allows me to seize certain opportunitiesimmediately. I couldn’t be more happier. I strongly recommend this company for all of your personal and business credit needs.
    Tabitha Jackson
  • BME was really awesome and helpful with everything that we needed. I would recommend this company to many of my friends as well as strangers I come in contact with. As a matter of fact I have recommended this company to a few of my coworkers and I hope they enjoy the same experience and wonderful customer services that I did. Thanks a million BME!!!!!!!
    Louis Hickman
  • I’d like to take the time to thank BME Consulting, from the beginning of our home buying journey until the time we closed Natasha has literally held my hand every step of the way. I can’t even begin to express how greatful we are that you’ve assisted us with our credit repair and have taught me the importance and value of maintaining a balanced credit score. You’ve been a blessing to our family - a million thank you’s will never express how truly greatful we are! I highly recommend BME Consulting to anyone wheather first time home buyers or anyone needing assistance with credit repair, rebuilding or guidance. Lori Wilson
  • When I tell you guys Mrs. Natasha is amazing and she knows what she is doing I’m so grateful for her knowledge in the credit and economics industry give her a try it will change your life.
    Tameka Williams
  • Her seminars are incredible and you learn so much its a great investment.

Meet Our Experts

Natasha Iʼsom

Natasha has mastered this thing called entrepreneurship. Natasha has successfully built 3 amazing companies BME Consulting, BME EDU and Natasha Isom Inc. Running a business can be chaotic but Natasha will teach you how to run your business effortlessly without making some of the mistakes she made starting out. Natasha is not only the owner she makes sure the team is running in tip top shape. To Natasha, credit restoration is much more than a job; her mission is to make sure she provides our clients with leading strategies that will not only help them obtain a high credit score but knowing how to maintain it and protect it as well.These experiences have taught her the importance of customer service. She understands just about every credit situation imaginable. Maintaining excellent customer service is very important to her, Successful business starts with mastering team building and with our team of experts we have helped many businesses with their funding needs and running a more lucrative business.

Eyanna Wright
Credit Consultant

Eyanna Comes from a 4 year banking background so she has a wealth of financial knowledge.With years of extensive finance and credit experience, it's no wonder Eyannaʼs customers experience an average deletion rate of over 90%. she handles the backend of the process which is ultimately the dispute process itself. Our clients come to us to provide them a solution to their problems be it credit repair or building business credit. Eyanna orchestrates a plan to get our clients on the right path to receive the results they came to us for.

Gigi Ruiz
Credit Consultant

Gigi comes from a 5 year Real Estate background So she has a wealth of the process needed to get approvals for home loans and underwriting guidelines. Understanding our clients have different needs, Gigiʼs role is to work with them and determine how she can exceed their goals the best way possible while providing them with an experience that is sure to build a long lasting relationship. Gigi has a background knowledge of economics serving the community in English and Spanish. She is dedicated to maintaining great customer service and the relationship with our client.

Callie Taylor
HR- Consultant

Callie serves as a team lead for the HR Consulting team, and as a resource  for junior employees and new team members. She also supports clients in a variety of industries including Education, Financial Services including policy and procedure reviews and updates, employee relations issues, and job description development.

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